Product Description

The 2711P-RP1 is an Allen-Bradley logic module with 64MB of flash memory. The 2711P-RP1 works on DC power. It is one of the standard logic modules for PanelView Plus terminals in the 700 to 1500 series. This is one of the most widely used components in the industry because of its compatibility with a large number of display modules. Make sure to use the correct version of the software to make it compatible with the 2711P-RP1 module. Featuring 64 MB of non-volatile memory and 24 Volts DC power, it is a single application platform. This module has built-in status indicators for process identification. Other slots available are USB, CompactFlash, and Ethernet slot for efficient communication. The 2711P-RP1 logic module is directly configurable with the PanelView plus 700 to 1500 terminals for simple to complex applications depending upon the requirements. The WordPad text editor, Media Player, and remote desktop connection are some of the extended optional features available with this module. When users are replacing the logic module they should also remove the communication module. The 2711-RW1 has CompactFlash memory, which is compatible with the 2711P-RP1 in case the logic module is ordered without a memory module. The 2711P-RP1 includes 64 MB SODIMM RAM which is available for the PanelView Plus CE and PanelView Plus terminals. Always make sure the terminals are disconnected before connecting a display module to a logic module. In order to convert from PanelView Plus and CE 700/1500 to PanelView 6 terminals, the 2711P-RP8D is required.

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