Pilz PSS SB 3006 DP-S (2e hands)

//Pilz PSS SB 3006 DP-S (2e hands)

Pilz PSS SB 3006 DP-S (2e hands)

500,00 incl. btw

Pilz SafetyBUS



Product Description

3rd generation compact safety system with SafetyBUS p and PROFIBUS interface. Suitable for safety-related functions because of its multi-channel diverse structure.

SafetyBUS p interface
PROFIBUS interface
For safety-related functions and standard functions
Failsafe applications conforming to EN 954-1, 03/97 up to Cat. 4 and DIN V 19 250, 05/94 up to AK 6
6 digital inputs to Cat. 2 (up to Cat. 4 when used with test pulse outputs)
2 dedicated test pulse outputs
Reduced space requirement
High processing speed for cycles in which time is critical
A fibre-optic coupler may be connected to SafetyBUS p

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